8 Reasons to Book PictureBook PartyBooths for your Event!

1. One of a kind interactive fun

If you haven’t had the pleasure of experiencing one of our photo booths you may probably just think we are another run of the mill pose-and-go photo booth company…  Let’s face it; there are a ton of them out there! This is exactly why seven years ago when PictureBook PartyBooths was born, we wanted to stand out from the crowd and create a fun, interactive, memorable experience that would bring out the naughtiness and playful side of everyone.

Our friends, the Spice Girls, popped by after a show to pay us a visit!

At every event or special occasion we have the privilege to attend we are always the talk of the crowd and we love creating that ‘buzz’ that really gets your guests of every age in to the party spirit!  Our fun loving PartyBooth attendants, dressed in vintage costume, join in on the fun and even dress your guests before they enter the booth. Your guests have no idea of how they look following our ‘Make-Over’ process until the big reveal on screen inside the photo booth. The reaction is priceless!! As the night goes on, our crew add a few games in to the mix so no matter how many times you use our photo booth, we’ll always have something different up our sleeves ready for your next visit.

2. Guestbook and digital copies

Standard with every booking, our guest books are hand decorated and custom made for your event or special occasion.  You can even opt to have a photo shoot in our state of the art studios in Hartlepool, the photos from which we use to customise your prints and guestbook!

Digital copies are also provided on disc which can be found in your guestbook at the end of the night.  We also have a client gallery page for your guests to look through all of the photos from the evening and even purchase other products, such as prints, digital downloads, posters, key rings and other gifts!

3. No hidden costs

There’s nothing worse than finding a great deal to then be hit by added costs for set up, travel, guest books etc.… Here at PictureBook PartyBooths we don’t believe in confusing packages or gold, silver, platinum levels of hire.  Instead all of our booths are available for a set price with everything as standard with a few optional extras you can add on if you wish.  So there’s no need to ask if our booths come with guestbook, unlimited use, props, digital images, online gallery, attendants or set up, the answer is yes to all!

4. High quality prints

An example of one of our guest books with Hollywood prints

Being professional photographers is a huge help when… well… essentially taking photos… and that’s what Jon and Craig do when not working on our photo booths – So you know that the photos our photo booths take are of the best quality!  All of our photo booths use professional Canon DSLR cameras and not webcams to take your photos, this means that the final prints are high definition, bold and sharp (please look through some of our client galleries for examples).

Each photo booth also uses quick printing, high quality sub dye printers which means your prints are ready in a matter of seconds and are also touch dry, ready to be handed out to your guests and placed in your guestbook.

5. Large prints

We’re all about size here at PictureBook PartyBooths and that shows with our postcard sized 6” x 4” prints that come from our photo booths!

6. Keepsakes for guests

Each time your guests leave our photo booths they take away at least one copy of their print which is again customised to match your event or special occasion just like your guest book.  Furthermore your guests can purchase larger prints and key rings straight away from our attendants.

7. Professional service

Don’t be fooled by our mischievous antics… We are actually very professional and we will always go that extra mile to ensure your experience with us goes as smoothly as possible.  Right from the time of booking to packing away at the end of your event, our team is always at the end of a phone call or email to answer any questions you may have or to liaise with your venue, many of which we have built a good relationship with over the years!

Our booking system is straight forward and once we have taken your details and deposit, all of your confirmation details will be emailed out to you along with your invoice, card receipt, and our terms and conditions.

8. Beautiful themes

All o‍‍‍f our photo booths really are second to none and we have gone the extra mile to add some luxurious touches you won’t get from any other booth company in the UK.  We currently offer indoor photo booths such as our 1940’s classic Hollywood, vintage shabby chic and our open air rustic heart booth and outdoor photo booths such as Mildred our vintage caravan booth and Hetty our horsebox. Our photo booths really have to be seen to be believed to get the full effect, so why not check our upcoming wedding shows and pay us a visit!